2012 UCRP Convention Results

Results from the 2012 Utah County Republican Party nominating convention:

* – advances to primary

** – party nominee

County Commission

*Larry A. Ellertson (inc.) 55%

*Lome W. Grierson 45%

John D. Morris, eliminated

Larry B. Hunter, eliminated

State Senate

District 7

**Deidre Henderson 74%

Glen W. Roberts 26%

District 14

**John L. Valentine (inc.) 65%

Craig A. Frank 35%

House of Representatives

District 6

*Jake Anderegg 59%

*Seth Moore 41%

David Sindt, eliminated

Sean Hullinger, eliminated

District 27

*Sarah Nitta 58%

*Mike Kennedy 42%

Larry Hilton, eliminated

Nancy Herbert Sechrest, eliminated

Ross Ford, eliminated

District 48

*Keven J. Stratton 57%

*Taz Murray 42%

Steve White, eliminated

Taylor Oldroyd, eliminated

Dani Hartvigsen, eliminated

District 56

*Christy Kane 58%

*Kay J Christofferson 42%

District 57

**John Glen Stevens 57%

Brian M. Greene 49%

Deanne Taylor, eliminated 1st round

District 60

*Bradley Daw (inc.) 50.2%

*Dana Layton 49.8%

Jacob A.J. Siebach, eliminated

District 66

**Mike McKell 68%

Kyle Roberts 32%

Carolina Herrin, eliminated 1st round

Robert A. Milton, eliminated 1st round

District 67

**Marc Roberts 64%

Jim Griffin 36%

Keith Mitchell, eliminated 1st round

John C. Ryan, eliminated 1st round

Richard Behling, eliminated 1st round

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