2015 Utah County GOP Organizing Convention Results

The following are the names of those who were elected today. Full voting results will be posted later.


Craig Frank

Vice Chair

Kevin Braddy


Kristen Chevrier


Rob Craig

State Central Committee

Districts 11 & 13

Casey Voeks
Heather Williamson
David Lifferth
Rob Craig

District 14

Kirby Glad
Lowell Nelson
Kristen Chevrier
Joseph Phelon
Kraig Thorne

District 15

Arturo Morales-Llan
Adrielle Herring
Reed Farnsworth
Dann Hone

District 16

Brian Voeks
Chris Herrod
Michael Melendez

District 27

Paul Baltes

District 7 & 24

Amelia Powers
Marcus Jessop
Nathan Ivie
Kari Malkovich

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