2017 Organizing Convention Results

Results of the 2017 UCRP Organizing Convention.

In order of vote totals; * denotes electeda

County Party Officer Elections
Chair (elected by preferential ballot)

*Rob Craig – 430, 51.7%
Craig Frank – 229, 27.6%
Ryan Boudwin – 172, 20.7%

Vice Chair

*Josh Daniels – 461, 62.3%
Karen Ellingson – 279, 37.7%


*Heidi Balderree – 431, 51.3%
Kristen Chervier – 409, 48.7%


*David Lamb (by acclamation)

State Central Committee Representatives

All elected on a preferential ballot. Results are listed in order of highest preference vote to lowest:

SD7- 4 seats

*1. Marcus Jessop
*2. Carolina Herrin
*3. Kari Malkovich
*4. Scott Ward
5. Tamara Atkin
6. David Herring
7. Lisa Shepherd
8. Clayton Tullis

SD11, 24, 27- 2 seats

*1. Roger Timmerman
*2. Beth Luthy

SD13 – 4 seats

*1. Wendy Baggaley
*2. Renee Braddy
*3. Heidi Balderee
*4. Leah Hansen
5. Don Southworth II
6. Kevin Braddy
7. Jeff Allen

SD14- 5 seats – won by acclamation

*1. Lowell Nelson
*2. Kraig Thorne
*3. Kristen Chevrier
*4. Nels Beckstrand
*5. Kirby Glad

SD15 – 4 seats

*1. Arturo Morales-Llan
*2. Peggy Burdett
*3. Cole Souza
*4. Don Monson
5. John English
6. Josman Cereceres

SD16 – 3 seats

*1. Stan Lockhart
*2. Chris Herrod
*3. Norm Thurston
4. Mike Melendez
5. Leo Lines
6. Noelia Anduray
7. Joey Smith
8. Craig Frank

The remaining candidates in each district receiving a majority vote, but did not win an allocated seat will be posted in order of preference after the “remaining candidates” results are completed Wednesday, May 3 and certified by the Convention Chair.

Bylaw 3

C. Vacancies. Vacancies arising from death, resignation, or any other cause, shall be filled by the next highest eligible vote recipient from the list of candidates who ran for a seat on the State Central Committee and received a majority vote in the same Senate District at the previous County Organizing Convention. In the case of a tie, a coin toss will decide the one to whom the seat will be offered. If the list of candidates who received a majority vote has been exhausted, the vacancy will be filled by the County Executive Committee. Names for consideration shall include anyone who in writing prior to the next Executive Committee meeting indicates interest in serving, and nominations from any member of the Executive Committee. All nominees shall reside in the Senate District in which the vacancy occurs. The Executive Committee shall approve a replacement who shall fill the unexpired term. The selected person shall serve pending ratification by the County Central Committee at its next meeting.

D. De Facto Resignation. Upon any member of the State Central Committee missing three State Central Committee meetings per term for any reason, that member shall be considered to have resigned, and shall be replaced according to the provision above on filling vacancies.

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