2019 Organizing Convention Results

Thank you to all who attended and participated in our 2019 County Organizing Convention held on Saturday, April 27th, 2019. Here are the results of the elections:

Election Results for County Officers:

  • Chair: Stewart Peay
  • Vice Chair: Carolina Herrin
  • Secretary: Karen Ellingson
  • Treasurer: Brandon Loveland

Election Results for State Central Committee (SCC):

Tom Sakievich
Doug Welton
Carolina Herrin
Lisa Shepherd
Alt1 – Craig Johnson
Alt2 – Gil Allis
Alt3 – Carl Hollan

SD 11, 25, 27:
Wilford Clyde
David Bateman
Alt1 – Roger Timmerman
Alt2 – Rob Ludlow
Alt3- Craig Frank
Alt4 – Jon Spencer

Mac Sim
Aaron Bullen
Heidi Balderre
Jake Anderreg
Alt1 – John Morris
Alt2 – Anna Standage

Lowell Nelson
Nicki Brammer
Kirby Glad
Amelia Powers
Alexander Carter
Alt1 – Kristen Chevrier
Alt2 – Jeff Hymas

Brandon Beckham
Melanie Sorenson
Parl Johnson
Brandon Loveland
Alt1 – Lyndon Brittner
Alt2 – Travis Hoban

Patrick Ketchum
Shannon Ellsworth
Brad Daw
Alt1 – Chad Pritchard
Alt2 – Chris Herrod
Alt3 – Norm Thurston
Alt4 – Michael Melendez
Alt5 – Kimber Pritchard
Alt6 – Maria Thurston

*Note, the ballots cast were according to ranked choice or preference and per the rules were tabulated using instant run-off (IRV) in successive rounds to elect a candidate for each available position. While the casting of these ballots is quick and convenient for the voting delegates, the tabulation process is time consuming on the back-end. We thank all those that volunteered and stayed late to complete this process.

Each of the above positions were elected by a majority of the voting delegates in each senate district caucus after conducting all applicable rounds of IRV tabulation.

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