2021 Elections & Convention Update

For links to candidate websites and convention videos please visit the:
2021 Candidate Lists
District 57 Recorded a Q&A with all County Commissioner candidates and we’re making them available below for all:
Ethan Allen – https://youtu.be/5I_Gw1DUor0
Amelia Powers Gardner – https://youtu.be/pmFSkkdRd5k
Chris Herrod – https://youtu.be/G2Yyk17ENJ4
Rod Mann – https://youtu.be/doG0F4L84Ok
Robert Stevens – https://youtu.be/Yglp-Ho8KTA
Howard Stone – https://youtu.be/A5TV8UXGZ4g
Steve White – https://youtu.be/7VkGjXhUb9I
Election and Convention Update

Fellow Delegates,

We write to update you on the process for the upcoming special election for the open seat on the Utah County Board of Commissioners, (the County Commission), and the selection of Party Officers and State Central Committee members at the Utah County Republican Party Convention.

Today, March 25, 2021, the Party received official notice that it needs to select a new commissioner. Under the Party’s governing documents, this selection will be made by the County Central Committee. This process must be complete by April 24, 2021. At this time, we are working to secure a location to hold an in person organizing convention that same day, however, this may not be possible due to the current pandemic and the related restrictions. If an in person convention is held, there will be a virtual option and all voting will be done by smartphone.

At this year’s party organizing convention, the county delegates will be electing the party officers, including the chair, vice chair, secretary and treasurer. We will also be electing State Central Committee members. All nominations must be done according to the schedule below. There will be no nominations from the floor.

March 31, 2021 – Registration opens for candidates in all elections: the open commission seat, the party officer posts and the State Central Committee Posts. Registration will be done at ucrp.org

Aprils 2, 2021 – Registration for candidates closes

April 3, 2021 — Meet the candidate event at a park in Provo at 10 am—exact location will be posted on the Party’s Facebook page shortly

April 12, 2021 — All candidates may provide a video to be posted on the Party’s Delegate Central Website at ucrp.org

April 14, 2021 –Virtual meet the candidate event held for all county commission candidates at 7:30 p.m.

April 17, 2021 — Meet the candidate event at a location in Spanish Fork at 10 am.

April 24, 2021 – County Convention. If it is possible to hold the convention in person, we will provide those details as they become available. If we are not able to find a location to host the convention, we will attempt to do a meet the candidate event in Lehi/American Fork area that morning.

–Voting will be by VOATZ, which almost all delegates should have used by now.

–If you have had problems with VOATZ in the past, please send an email to vicechair@ucrp.org so that we can deal with those issues before April 24, 2021.

–Voting will open at 10 am.

We thank you for your continuing support,

Stewart Peay
Skyler Beltran
Karen Ellingson
Shannon Ellsworth

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