2022 Utah County GOP Convention! April 9th!

2022 Utah County GOP Nominating Convention Notes & Tips

Saturday April, 9th – Cedar Valley High (Eagle Mountain)

Call to Convention with facility maps and the agenda will be emailed one week prior to Convention.

Check-in and Registration

On Saturday morning, registration for delegate credentials will take place from 7:00-9:00am.  Registration will be by new Utah House District number. Please bring a photo ID to ensure check-in runs quickly and smoothly. Senate breakouts will begin at 8:15am. House breakouts will begin at 8:45am. The Call to Order for the group session begins promptly at 9:30am. Delegates that are late must check in at the Help Desk.

Convention Booths

Booths will also open at 7:00am. Come early to avoid long registration lines and meet with candidates, elected officials, and political interest groups.

House/Senate Breakouts

Contested races with a vote include House District 50, 58, 65 and Senate District 23. All other races will be by acclamation but will also include a check-in by your legislator.

Time Investment

Be prepared for a long day. Convention is scheduled to last until 2:00 pm. We are

working diligently to make the Convention run efficiently but please plan to stay until the meeting ends. Keep in mind there are breakout sessions before and after the general session (Utah House, Utah Senate & Local School Board Endorsements). Please check the schedule that will be emailed to you, and posted on-site Convention morning, to know which breakout sessions you will participate in.


1. Dress Comfortably. We will be in the gym for several hours.

2. Bring snacks. We encourage you to pack some snacks and water to last the day.

3. Please put the school address (1389 E Aviator Ave Eagle Mountain 84005) into your phone maps before hand to check the estimated time of travel. It’s nearly 20 minutes off of I15.

4. Delegates will enter on the south side of campus between the Performing Arts and Athletics building.

Convention Team

Party Chair: Skyler Beltran

Convention Committee Chair: Ben Summerhalder

Credentials Chair: Carolina Herrin

Rules Chair: Stan Lockhart

Elections Chair: Curt Bramble

Technology Chair: Mac Sims

Facilities Chair: Karen Ellingson

Booths Chair: Lisa Shepherd

Volunteers Chair: Wendy Hart

We look forward to seeing you at the 2022 Utah County GOP Nominating Convention!

Convention Agenda
7:00am: Credentialing Opens
8:15am: Senate Breakout
SD23 Contested
8:45am: House Breakouts
HD50,58,65 Contested (Others will meet but not contested)
9:30am: Convention Begins
Call To Order
Prayer/National Anthem/Pledge
Lt. Gov Deidre Henderson
Adopt Agenda/Rules
Credentials Chair Report/Rules Chair Report/Elections Chair Report
County Commission Seat A
3 Candidates (9 Mins of Speeches)
County Commission Seat B
3 Candidates (9 Mins of Speeches)
Round 1 Voting
Round 1 Counting
7 Candidates For US Senate Speeches (14 Mins)
Round 2 Voting
County Attorney
3 Candidates (9 Mins of Speeches)
County Sheriff
3 Candidates (9 Mins of Speeches)
Round 1 Voting
Round 1 Counting
5 Candidates For CD3 (10 Mins)
Round 2 Voting
County Clerk
3 Candidates (9 Mins of Speeches)
County Auditor
3 Candidates (9 Mins of Speeches)
Round 1 Voting
Round 1 Counting
2 Candidates For CD4 (4 Mins)
Round 2 Voting (10 Mins)
1:00pm: School Board Endorsement Breakouts
2:00pm: Convention Closes

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  1. Clyde W Johnson SF 404 vice chairman

    The convention lands on spring break and many people will be out of the area. Are there any provisions for absentee balloting for those who have committed to other plans?

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