Candidate filing instructions for UCRP leadership & State Central Committee

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Candidates for the April 18 convention can file for office beginning March 13 and ending on April 3.  Speaking and ballot order will be determined by lot.

The filing period is now closed.

To see who is running for office go to

Our system only works when capable and principled people are willing to give their time and energy in these service positions.  In September there will also be an election for District Officers and committee members. Please consider becoming a candidate.

Leadership Elections (Two-year term)

  • County Party Chair Duties (UCRP Constitution, Article IV, B)
    • Preside over the three governing committees (Steering, Executive, Central) and county conventions
    • Serve as a member of the State Central Committee
    • Direct the daily affairs of the County Party
    • Act as spokesperson for the County Party outside the organization
    • Ensure sound financial management of Party funds
    • Be the liaison with the State Party
  • County Party Vice-Chair Duties (Article IV, C)
    • Serve as Vice-Chair of the three governing committees
    • Serve as a member of the State Central Committee
    • Assist the chair with duties and daily affairs of the Party
    • Perform duties of the chair in the chair’s absence
    • Perform other duties as delegated by the chair
  • County Party Secretary Duties (Article IV, D)
    • Serve as secretary to three governing committees
    • Maintain and have custody of C&B, delegate lists, etc.
    • Present minutes for approval at committee meetings
  • County Party Treasurer Duties (Article IV, E)
    • Propose budget
    • Maintain Party checking, savings, and other financial accounts
    • Reconcile those accounts
    • Present a quarterly report
    • Reports to the Lt. Governor’s office

State Central Committee Elections (Bylaw 3)

  • State Central Committee seats are allocated to the UCRP by the URP (21 seats).
  • The 21 allocated seats will be divided among Senate Districts*, according to relative Republican strength.
  • The new County Party Chair and Vice-Chair are members of the SCC, by virtue of their office, which makes our total SCC representation 23.
  • During the course of this convention, you will hear and vote for SCC reps in a Senate District Caucus.

Duties of SCC members (Two-year term)

  • Attend quarterly SCC meetings in various locations through out the state (if you miss three meetings, you lose your seat)
  • Keep up on Party issues
  • Represent Utah County

Candidate Requirements

  • Qualified members who file a declaration of candidacy with the Party Secretary at least 14 days prior to the date of the Convention (Bylaw 6, E, 2) For qualifications please UCRP Constitution, Article II and Bylaw 6, A, 2).
  • Once you have filed, additional information will be forthcoming.
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