Hello Republican Candidates,

We are excited to be entering into this busy, event-filled time between caucus and convention! We had such an eventful day last Saturday and had such a large number of delegates attend—what an amazing way to start off the election season!  We are going to be hosting a few more “Meet the Candidates” events and debates and want to let you know the details of those and some basic guidelines going forward.

BIG RED BUTTON on the ucrp.org homepage will take to all campaign event flyers. We are trying to help you advertise and coordinate your events Please submit all events to Mike at tech@ucrp.org and also add them to the 2024 County Delegate Group on Facebook—Brooks will approve these. Our hope is to funnel all events into these two locations for our state and county delegates. We want to help notify delegates of your candidate events. We will post events chronologically on ucrp.org. 

Meet the Candidates

Saturday, March 23, 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. @ Lehi High School, 180 N. 500 E., Lehi

Tuesday, March 26, 5:30p.m. – 8:30 p.m. @ Provo City Library, Room 201 & 309, 550 N. University Ave, Provo. Due to space limitations, the only races who will be featured in this event are: County Commission Seat C, County Assessor, County Recorder, Senate District 24, House District 61, House District 58, State School Board 12, Provo School District (local school board)

Saturday, April 13, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. @ Payson High School, 1050 S. Main St, Payson

  • Please notify Keri Guinn 801-400-2502 before each event that you will be attending.
  • Please bring your own table to each event (6 foot or smaller). If you don’t have one, let us know and arrangements can most likely be made. 
  • No microphones.
  • We will need to be prompt on starting and ending times. We only have 1 hour setup and 30 min. take down at each location.
  • Please bring enough volunteers to help make set-up & take down faster.
  • We will be setting up the booths according to either county or state and specific races from this point forward—we will direct you where to set up when you arrive. Opportunity still exists for advantageous locations, but with so many new delegates grouping them will be helpful. 
  • Yard signs outside: maximum of 5 (Except for convention: We will get you a number for that.) and only 18” x 24” (Fyi, Provo Library only allows wrapped candy and water bottles.) There have been some concerns from schools and districts about signage and we are hoping this compromise will keep good relations and keep an equal atmosphere.  
  • No signs or campaign materials in hallways. They must be at your booth only.

Utah County Convention

The County Convention is scheduled to take place Saturday, April 20, 2024 beginning at 8:00 am at Skyridge High School in Lehi. You will be allowed in the building at 7:00 to set up. There will be no signs allowed outside before this time. More details on the Convention will be forthcoming. 

Delegate Lists

The delegate lists will be available shortly. You should have gotten a log in email for the county delegates: that will be at ucrp.org, and the state UTGOP.org manages the state delegate list, which can be found at UTGOP.org. Our list was submitted to the state Tuesday night around midnight. Thank you for your patience as Caucus Night lasted about a week for us 😉 

Candidates Meeting

The Candidate Meeting will be held April 8, 7:00 pm @ Noah Webster Academy, 205 E. 400 S., Orem. We will do our booth draw, go over convention rules, and answer any questions. You will need to be there or make sure you have a representative in your place. 

We look forward to working with you and seeing you at these events! Please reach out to one of us if you have any questions. 


Cristy Henshaw, Chair
Charles Wood,Vice Chair
Kirby Glad, Secretary
Mark Cluff, Treasurer
Keri Guinn, Education Officer
Mike Carpenter, Technology Officer
Brooks Benson, PR/Social Media Officer
Wendy Hart, Volunteers Officer

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