During its regular first Thursday meeting on January 7, 2016, at 7:00 pm (Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy, Lindon) the Executive Committee of the Utah County Republican Party considered and passed the following motion regarding the collection of candidate petition signatures:

There shall be no petition signature gathering to seek the nomination of a qualified political party at any Republican sponsored activity (including caucuses) in Utah County, or within the premises of the event.

The UCRP Executive Committee adopted this policy unanimously, with a quorum present.

Individuals found soliciting petition signatures at Republican sponsored events, will be asked to discontinue signature gathering within the legal boundaries of the event.  The UCRP recognizes it has no jurisdiction outside of Republican sponsored events within Utah County, and beyond.

All declared Republican candidates (UCRP Bylaw 5.B.) are requested to adhere to this policy.  The UCRP is a private organization governed by the procedures and processes of its Constitution and Bylaws.  In order to adequately support the procedures and processes found in its governing documents, and to secure candidate equity and fairness during the current election cycle, the UCRP Executive Committee expects declared Republican candidates to conform to the provisions of UCRP Bylaw 5.B., and all other relevant elections bylaws and rules.

Please direct any questions related to this policy to Chairman Craig Frank at, or Secretary Kristen Chevrier at



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