Chairman Frank sent the following email to members of the Executive Committee on Friday, May 15, 2015:


Dear Steering Committee and Executive Committee Members:

I am pleased to announce that following nearly a month of input, discussions, and interviews, I have appointed Steve White as the Parliamentarian of the Utah County Republican Party.

Pursuant to UCRP Bylaw 9.D.6., which reads:

The Utah County Republican Party Chairman, within 30 days following the Organizing convention or within 30 days of a vacancy in the position, shall appoint, subject to Executive Committee approval, a Utah County Republican Party Parliamentarian. The Parliamentarian should be experienced in the Parliamentary procedures, and if this is not practical, should be willing to obtain proper knowledge and experience. The Utah County Republican Party Parliamentarian shall serve as Parliamentarian at all Central Committee meetings as well as at all conventions.

I have made this appointment pending the approval of the UCRP Executive Committee. It is anticipated that the Executive Committee in its June 4, 2015 meeting will consider this appointment and approve Steve as the UCRP Parliamentarian.

Robert’s Rules explains the role of a parliamentarian. “The parliamentarian is a consultant…who advises the (president) and other officers, committees, and members on the matters of parliamentary procedure. The parliamentarian’s role during a meeting is purely an advisory and consultative one…” (Please refer to additional roles and responsibilities of the parliamentarian in Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th Edition, pp 465-467.)

Steve has served the UCRP for decades with distinction, holding a number of significant leadership positions. Among this service, Steve previously held the position of UCRP Parliamentarian.

Steve’s integrity and character are such, that without reservation, I can make this appointment with confidence that he will provide thoughtful and precise parliamentary council during Central Committee meetings and during our UCRP County Conventions.


Craig Frank

UCRP Chairman



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