District and Committee Election Results

Here are the results of the elections for standing committees and district officers on 9/28/13:

For vote tallys, click here for 2013 District and committee election results

Audit Committee
Matthew Lamar Duffin
Oscar Wesley Mink
April Taylor Clawson
Juliann Pate Blaney
Doug Bayless

C&B Committee
Paul Jack Baltes 143
Susan Mckay Bramble 125
Stanford Eugene Lockhart 117
Diane B Christensen 117
Lisa M Shepherd 111
Heather Fay Williamson 108
Daniel Robert Forward 101

District 2
District 2 Chair Rebecca Michele Pirente
District 2 Education Officer Erin Allen
District 2 Vice Chair Donna Burnham

District 6
District 6 Chair A. Cory Maloy
District 6 Education Officer Robert G Craig
District 6 Vice Chair Jennifer M Lambert

District 27
District 27 Chair Kevin Braddy
District 27 Education Officer Lowell Call Nelson
District 27 Vice Chair Katrina Marie Kennedy

District 48
District 48 Chair Marian J Monnahan
District 48 Education Officer Doyle Moss Mortimer
District 48 Vice Chair Susan Mckay Bramble

District 56
District 56 Chair David Leonard Lamb
District 56 Education Officer John Mulholland
District 56 Vice Chair Benjamin L Anderson

District 57
District 57 Chair Shayne Bennett Pierce
District 57 Education Officer Lauralyn Oldham Eberting
District 57 Vice Chair Kraig Ashby Thorne

District 59
District 59 Chair Tai Ward Riser
District 59 Education Officer Lisa C Jensen
District 59 Vice Chair Ruby Linda Jardine

District 60
District 60 Chair Mark F Robinson
District 60 Education Officer Robin Pomeroy Devey
District 60 Vice Chair Don Calvin VanDyke

District 61
District 61 Chair Arturo Morales-LLan
District 61 Education Officer Richard Haldon Jaussi
District 61 Vice Chair Richard Beau Sorensen

District 63
District 63 Chair Leo Lines
District 63 Vice Chair David Grant Wright

District 64
District 64 Chair Stanford Eugene Lockhart
District 64 Vice Chari AnnMarie T Howard
District 64 Education Officer Yancee Michael Hardy

District 65
District 65 Chair Oscar Wesley Mink
District 65 Vice Chair Emily Ann Spackman

District 66
District 66 Chair Gerald Chad Bunn
District 66 Education Officer Adena Norma Campbell
District 66 Vice Chair Keir Andrew Scoubes

District 67
District 67 Chair Tamara Suzanne Atkin
District 67 Vice Chair David Welton
District 67 Education Officer Shauna L Phelps

District 68
District 68 Vice Chair Gregg Jasperson
District 68 Chair Larry Reaves

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