Dear Utah County Republican Candidate,

Congratulations! And thank you for filing for elected office in the 2024 campaign season!

We’re excited to welcome you to the Utah County Republican Party caucus process. Our love for the caucus/convention process resides in our belief that it is representative government at its finest—closest to the people and the furthest removed from money and outside influence. We are so grateful for Republicans, like you, who are willing to serve by representing their community and implementing the Republican Party platform. Thank you for your long hours and hard work on behalf of our common Republican principles!

We have a very busy spring ahead of us and hope to provide the assistance that you need in this process. Please see below for information and resources that may be helpful to you as a candidate. 

Delegate List: How do I get a list?

We now have an automated system that allows you to get a current delegate list, which offers the following advantages:

  • Updated list available on the website 24/7
  • No waiting for response from secretary
  • All candidates have equal access
  • You can get updated lists as often as you want
  • The list includes the state voter ID so you can easily import into your own CRM or voter management system

To obtain a list of delegates and leaders: go to; select “Public Delegate and Leader List.” There is no need to sign in. If you have any difficulties please contact

Caucus Flyer Deadline (February 10th): If you would like to include a candidate flyer in the caucus packets, please deliver them by February 10th. We will be creating caucus packets the week before the Central Committee Meeting on the 17th and handing them out to the House Chairs and Precinct Chairs then. Contact Cristy @ 801-822-4082 to make arrangements to drop off flyers.  

Central Committee Meeting with Candidate Tables (February 17): With some party business and a lot of new information to communicate, we will be holding a Special Central Committee Meeting on Saturday, February 17th, at Mountain View High School in Orem. You are welcome to reserve a space and join us as a candidate. We realize that these will not be the exact delegates, but many of them will be the same. If you would like to reserve a space, please text Mark Cluff @ 801-368-6695 or email him at We are having to rent tables, so a donation of $25.00 will be requested. Booth (table) space is free for anyone willing to bring their own table. We will have candidate meet and greet time from 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. and then the Central Committee Meeting will begin at 10:00 a.m.

Caucus Information: March 5th is Utah’s Caucus night. The rules for caucus and further information can be found on the website.

Lincoln Day Dinner: We are very pleased to announce Marlo Oaks and two panels with the candidates for the U.S. Senate race for the Utah County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner this year, along with our theme: Protecting and Preserving Liberty. We are so grateful to Sharon Memmott, our 2024 Lincoln Day Dinner Chair, and her committee: Marian Monnahan, Lara Christensen, Diane Eyre, and Jan Eyring. 

*To purchase tables/tickets/booths the details are on under the Lincoln Day Dinner tab. Click on the red words to go to the payment page.

Meet & Mingles and Debates: We are in the process of organizing several Meet & Mingles with delegates around Utah County and will be contacting you soon with dates and times. Please expect to be contacted regarding a debate for your race hosted by the county party as well. We look forward to working with you on providing these events with delegates! 

Candidate Meeting: We will go over all the convention details, including booth space/drawing, rules, process, signage, times, election. Meeting details TBA.

Candidate Information on Please check the website for your picture and accurate link to your website. Any corrections or changes, please send to

Thank you again for your participation in a process that many of us hold dear. The Utah County Republican Party wishes you the very best during this campaign season! All leadership emails can be found on the website. Please reach out for assistance if you have questions! 


Cristy Henshaw, Chair
Charles Wood, Vice Chair
Kirby Glad, Secretary
Mark Hailstone, Treasurer
Keri Guinn, Education Officer
Mike Carpenter, Technology Officer
Brooks Benson, PR/Social Media Officer
Mark Cluff, Finance/Fundraising Officer

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