PASSING THE BATON | Congratulations to Our New Leadership

First, let me thank each of you for your commitment to our Party’s Platform and the willingness to engage in the Caucus/Convention System, which is the foundation of our Party’s system. It is, to a large degree, what makes us useful as citizens in our Constitutional Representative Republic.

We are blessed by our Great God to have the freedoms we enjoy. I thank God for preserving This Great Land, choice above all others.

Next, I would like to thank the hard work and dedication of an extraordinary team of leaders in the Steering Committee during the past two years. Kevin Braddy (Vice-Chair), Kristen Chevrier (Secretary), Rob Craig (Treasurer), Lisa Shepherd (Volunteers Officer), Lowell Nelson (Education Officer), Joey Smith and Frank Anderson (Technology Officers), Kepi Hemuli and Dann Hone (Finance Officers), and Cory Maloy (PR & Media Officer). Each of these individuals have made a huge difference in the Party and its success. I would gratefully serve with each of them again if the opportunity presented itself. They are individuals of character and trust. Thank you, all!

I would like to thank my wife, Kim, and my children, Kirsten, Kevin, Michael and Courtney, who have provided support and encouragement to seek opportunities to serve in our community.

Congratualtions to the new UCRP elected leadership. I express my gratitude for their willingness to take the baton. It is, at times, a difficult thing to volunteer one’s life for service. I am grateful they are willing to step up. They are each good people. I give them my support and commitment to continue to provide constructive service and input to our Utah County Republican Party.

God bless Utah County, and the Great State of Utah. And may God Bless These United States of America.

Craig Frank, Chairman

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