SCC Results

First State Central Committee (SCC) meeting under the new leadership of the Party. We are happy to report that we had 96% of our Utah County SCC members in attendance today. The following SCC members were elected to the following State Committees:

Audit Committee
Brad Green – Iron County
Helen Redd – SL County
Amelia Powers – UT County
John Dougall – UT County
Patrick Bradley – Washington County

Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Joel Coleman – SL County
Rob Axon – SL County
Gina Worthen – Cache County
Chelsea Carroll – Davis County
Peter Greathouse – Millard County
Jake Anderegg – UT County
Brandon Loveland – UT County

Congress District 3
Patrick Ketchum – UT County
Nicki Brammer – UT County

Congress District 4
David Pyne – SL County
KanaMarie Poulson – SL County

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