UCRP Calls on Greg Graves to Resign

Utah County Republican Party calls on Greg Graves to step down as Utah County Commissioner

The Utah County Republican Party (UCRP) has reviewed a GRAMA request response regarding Commissioner Greg Graves’ conduct and has found thoroughly documented cases of employee harassment, intimidation, and retaliation (abuse of power).

Reluctant to respond to rumors, the UCRP has not commented directly on these allegations outside of remarks from Chairman Rob Craig to the Daily Herald where he affirmed that the UCRP’s bylaws require Republican candidates to maintain “the highest degree of honesty, morality, and integrity and refraining from any conduct which would cause embarrassment to the Party.”

However, when the GRAMA request led to a 10-page investigation report, supported by more than 100 pages of documents detailing Mr. Graves’ misconduct, the UCRP decided that responding was critical to protect all involved including harassment victims and the citizens of Utah County.

“Greg Graves has made a mockery of his office as a county commissioner and also of the principles of the Republican Party,” said Rob Craig, Chairman of the Utah County Republican party. “His conduct is unacceptable. We have higher expectations of our elected Republican officials. These actions demand his immediate resignation. He no longer has the confidence of the Utah County Republican Party and it’s members.”

The UCRP has a zero tolerance policy regarding the behavior of any Republican officer that creates a hostile or intimidating environment and will swiftly demand the resignation of anyone acting in that manner. The UCRP has the means to discipline its leaders, including censure and removal from party leadership positions.

Likewise, the UCRP has zero tolerance for elected officials conducting themselves in public office in an egregious manner, regardless of party affiliation. If this behavior occurs, the UCRP would demand his or her resignation and, at a minimum, censure him or her if they do not resign and pursue other action in accordance with Utah State Code.

The UCRP, therefore, believes that Mr. Graves should resign immediately. If Mr. Graves does not resign, the UCRP will pursue his censure, at a minimum, and his removal from office in accordance with Utah State Code, if possible.

The UCRP believes this is the appropriate response to protect the citizens of Utah County, allow legal counsel to advise other courses of action, assess Utah County’s legal exposure for Mr. Graves’ actions, and minimize the likelihood of this behavior reappearing in our party in the future.

— Rob Craig, Chairman

Utah County Republican Party

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