UCRP Vice-Chair Kevin Braddy will chair an Ad Hoc Committee created by Chairman Frank, focusing on the Utah County Republican Party Platform.  Named the “Platform Education & Performance Advisory Committee (PEPAC),” this group will be comprised of one representative from each of the 15 Legislative Districts throughout the county–each member being selected by their respective LD Chair.

The primary objective of this committee is to raise awareness of the foundational principles established in the party document.

Chairman Frank stated that, “these (platform) principles, if embraced by our community, will strengthen and sustain individuals and families, and will become the yardstick by which good, wise, and honest–local, statewide, and national–political leaders, are elected.”  Frank added,  “this platform has been created by thousands of people over decades of time–it’s an extraordinary standard!”

The PEPAC will organize and begin its work shortly after the 4th of July weekend.  Meetings will be held periodically and will be scheduled on the UCRP Calendar.

To learn more about the duties and responsibilities of this Ad Hoc committee LINK HERE.


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