VOTE: A Statement By Chairman Craig Frank


Our Republic relies on the right of its citizens to exercise their franchise to elect government officials of their own choosing. I solicit your participation in this Providentially designed system of leadership election.

The Utah County Republican Party (UCRP) will always support its candidates and nominees; therefore, we ask that, following careful research and vetting, you vote for individuals who support sound ideals of smaller government, personal choice and accountability, state and national sovereignty, and fiscal prudence and responsibility–all principles found in the UCRP Platform.

In Utah County, Republican Party candidates have been carefully selected through a rigorous Caucus/Convention process.  Party nominees have been scrutinized by hundreds of locally elected delegates. Please talk to your neighbors and friends who are elected leadership of the UCRP, living in your own neighborhood. They may give you additional insights into the background and positions of ballot candidates–all information is useful information.

Please, join me this election season, to select good people to hold public office.  Our future depends on it.


Craig Frank


Utah County Republican Party

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