2022 Nominating Convention Results

Final Results

Utah County Commission Seat A

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Amelia Powers Gardner and Renee Tribe are the party nominees and will advance to the Primary Election.

Utah County Commissioner Seat B

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Brandon Gordon and Bill Lee are the party nominees and advance to the Primary Election.

Utah County Auditor

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Rod Mann and Rudy Livingston are the party nominees and advance to the Primary Election.

Utah County Clerk

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Aaron Davidson wins the party nomination.

Utah County Attorney

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Adam Pomeroy and Jeff Gray are the party nominees and advance to the Primary Election.

Utah County Sheriff

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Mike Smith wins the party nomination.

Senate District 23

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Keith Grover and Brandon Beckham are the party nominees and advance to the Primary Election.

House District 50

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Stephanie Gricius wins the party nomination.

House District 58

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Keven Stratton wins the party nomination.

House District 65

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Doug Welton wins the party nomination.

13 thoughts on “2022 Nominating Convention Results”

  1. Thanks for the very-well run UCRP convention. I loved the voting system. The reasonable responses of the delegates to issues/problems presented were admirable. I was pleased to be a delegate and to take part in such an event.

  2. Great turn out. I was really happy to see the large support Sherriff Mike Smith generated. It was a thrilling moment to hear his win called out in person on the first voting round!

  3. Carolina (sp) you were pure magic in managing and accommodating “PROBLEMS!” Thank y’all! This was my first after 80 years! It’s about time, huh? Really, thank you thank you thank you ALL!!

  4. First time Precinct chair and it was an amazing experience for me to see the whole process.

  5. I was grateful to be a delegate yesterday. Proud to be part of the American process of grassroots representation and when I heard the 97% of all delegates were in attendance I was impressed with the commitment to our country!!

    Only suggestion-if you advertise that we are going to start at 9:30 am, lets start at 9:30 am. I could see that the delay was caused by voting in the gym from the previous senate or house election. I recommend that if we are to start in a large auditorium that no other meetings are scheduled in that area or at least they are scheduled to be finished 30 minutes before we are to start.

    Thanks for making the process smooth and effective!

    Loved the food trucks!!

  6. Best one I have been to. Would have liked to have had pre-packaged questions for the candidates in the second rounds run offs. Since we were all just sitting there anyway, it could have helped to make more informed decisions without costing more time. Pre-screened questions saves having redundant questions and non essential issues brought up

  7. I am grateful to have been a delegate. My first time serving, and it was a thrill. Our republic in action. THANK YOU FOR A WELL RUN CONVENTION. Congratulations to all the delegates for seriously studying the candidates and the issues.

  8. It was my first time as a delegate. I am learning so much and have enjoyed being part of the political process. Many thanks to all those who worked so hard to pull off this great convention.
    Suggestions for next time:
    More food trucks
    A truck or kiosk for selling drinks only

  9. I am proud to serve with so many that believe in our system! I believe in our system. However, there is still a lot to be accomplished. One example might include the race for Utah County Attorney…Could Leavitt be advancing with signatures and only 10% of the votes…? I see only the two are listed as advancing, yet I’ve heard he has enough signatures to advance. Please correct me if I’m wrong, or explain how this does not circumvent our representative electoral system. Did he concede, withdraw or is he still in the race? We are approaching the Utah GOP Convention and I know there are many candidates gathering signatures to do just that.
    Round 1:
    Adam Pomeroy 46.4% (658 Votes)
    Jeff Gray 43.6% (620 Votes)
    David Leavitt 10% (142 Votes)
    Round 2:
    Adam Pomeroy 53.6% (704 Votes)
    Jeff Gray 46.4% (609 Votes)
    Both will advance to the Primary Election.

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